Festival “Boombarstick”

Lors du premier festival “Boombarstick” du 3 au 7 juillet 2013 à Dignano en Croatie, voici ma participation.
Une participation dans le village natal de mon père : un festival riche en couleurs, émotions et rencontres.

“As jewelery designer, Jasna Cattonar has always flourished in creations of all kinds.

Her inspiration comes from matter, objects, music,… an art transmitted by her parents.
She loves to give back a different use to objects, different from their original use.

Today as Chiara & Moi she presents a collection of (100% Hand Made – 100% Love!) jewelry and drawings… Because nothing is ever the same, every creation is unique. Constantly looking for unusual and amazing materials, she reveals a new collection of impressive lightweight jewelry.

Her drawings are escapes. Through colors, sweets, celebration, cheerful and her cat, she want to share her love and happiness all around the world.
So welcome into her world!”


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